Joshua Tompkins Landscape Architecture was formed on the belief that a designed landscape is a means to a greater well–being. Through thoughtful collaborations with clients, we achieve meaningful, contemporary landscapes. 

The essential purpose of our work is creative problem solving. We work nimbly to identify synergies (and constraints) among project factors — environmental, legal, site, programmatic, and client. Thinking big, we test possible design approaches striving for clear intent. Through an iterative process, a concept is born. Shifting down in scale, raw is refined, and a physical landscape manifests.     

Expressing a modern aesthetic, our work is defined by clear spatial ordering and a generous disposition of space — the absence of things is valued as much as the things. A limited palette of honest materials and vibrant, native plants of quiet hues interplay. Coherent forms give way at once, or dissolve to nature. Textural qualities merge and then contrast. Light emerges from shade. This restrained approach sharpens our senses. Beauty or a deeper meaning may be found.